FAQ’S & Retail Products

What To Expect:

Varying on if it’s your first time and the package you choose, your spray tan could take 15- 30 minutes from arrival to finish.  Bring loose fitted clothing and flip flops for after your spray tan.  We request you wear underwear during the session as well.  Our studio is private and by appointment- please do not arrive early unless you contact ahead to verify the studio is free.  We are highly professional and will provide all the needed supplies to make your tan appointment smooth and hassle free!  See you soon!


Pre-Tan Care: 

-Avoid waxing 24 hours or more before your spray tan

-Avoid pedicures 24 hours before your spray tan

-Make sure you shave before hand (up to 4-8 hours before)

-Exfoliate the day before your spray tan (exfoliating leads to longer lasting and even color).  Do NOT use exfoliating body washes or scrubs that are oil based (this includes shaving cream). Use water based products only and do not scrub to hard.

-Do not put lotion on day of getting sprayed (lotion can prevent the absorption of the DHA….leading to patchy, uneven or streaky color)

-Skin should be clean and free of any lotion, makeup & deodorant.  We do recommended wearing chapstick.

-We recommend wearing dark, loose (baggy) clothes (NO JEANS!) and open shoes after your tan.

-Bottom undergarments are RECOMENDED (doesn’t matter how small)


BODY SCRUB $15spray tanning livermore

  • -Gentle exfoliator that is not too rough on your skin
  • -Exfoliate 1 day prior to sunless tanning session
  • -Leaves no residue or dry skin
  • -Primes skin for a lasting natural sunless tan
  • -VEGAN and Approved by PETA



After-Tan Care:

-Avoid contact with water.  Do not shower right away (wait at least 12-24 hours/unless a rapid tan which is 2-4 hours).  Rinse until water runs clear- then PAT dry and apply moisturizer (tan extender recommended).

-Avoid wearing tight clothing right after being sprayed (anything that rubs against your skin causes friction, that friction will inevitably rub off your developing tan)

-Wear cotton, loose clothing after a spray tan (cotton clothing allows the skin to breathe which helps to prevent moisture from sweat from sitting on the skin and causing issues)

-Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Doing this regularly at least once a day (if not twice a day) with a specific “tan extender” is recommended, (the drier the skin the faster it falls off).  Avoid lotions containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) & Mineral Oil as these may cause exfoliation.

-Avoid activities that may cause skin exfoliation (IE sweating), hot tubs, pedicures, long hot baths, etc…


BODY WASH  $15  spray tanning body wash

  • -Developed to work with all sunless tanning solutions
  • -Helps to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated
  • -Vanilla/lavender Scent
  • -Refreshingly enriched with rose hips, gardenia and antioxidants, your sunless tan skin will thank you
  • -VEGAN and Approved by PETA







TAN EXTENDER $20  spray tan extender

  • -Daily Moisturizer to give added life and vibrancy to any tan
  • -Designed as a facial and full body self-tanning moisturizer
  • -Safe for use by ALL skin types and tones
  • -Anti-Aging Solution that will smooth the skin, giving you results similar to our anti-aging drops
  • -Smooth and tones additives designed to soften smooth and tone your skin surface, creating a firm healthy layer
  • -DHA derived from organically grown sugar
  • -VEGAN and Approved by PETA







  • -A great way to help maintain your tan longer
  • -Use for touch up if needed
  • -Works for any skin tone
  • -Medium color
  • -VEGAN and Approved by PETA




INSTANT GEL SELF TANNER  $30     self tanner in livermore

  • -Bronze micro spheres for beautiful, color correcting technology for day of color
  • -Green tea extract promotes healthier skin
  • -Aloe soothes and moisturizes
  • -Cucumber extract softens and revitalizes
  • -DHA for long lasting color